Wool, cotton and silk fabrics


Wool, cotton and silk fabrics

The production of woven fabrics from all kinds of materials has always had an important place in Central Asian applied art.

Wool, cotton and silk fabrics

Woolen, cotton and silk fabrics have been made in this region since ancient times.

Their beauty and high quality made them valuable beyond the boundaries of Central Asia, and they were a significant object of trade on the Silk Road. The medieval historian Muhammad Narshahi (899 – 959) in his work about Bukhara says: “In Bukhara, between the fortress and the city, next to the mosque, there was a large workshop where they made carpets, curtains, Yazdi fabrics,1 pillows, prayer rugs (joynamaz) and fabrics used to cover the floor in the Caliph’s residence. Each of them was so costly that to sell just one curtain could be enough to cover the whole land tax in Bukhara.” 

According to Narshahi, local textiles in the 10th century were exported to Baghdad, Khorasan, Syria, Egypt, Iran and India. Bukhara and Samarkand remained important textile production centers in the later periods. But by the end of the 19th century, the production of silk and traditional fabrics had concentrated in the Fergana Valley, which is still considered the main center today. Local fabrics are represented by dozens of types that vary in source material, production technology and design. They are used for sewing not only clothes, but also household items (curtains, bedspreads, handbags, etc.).

The collection of the Náprstek Museum includes several examples of silk ikat fabrics dated to the late 19th – late 20th centuries. One of the most remarkable items is a silk curtain from Bukhara called shoyi with a traditional local design and range of colors. Other fabrics represented in the collection (for example, karbos, bekasab, adras) are materials for clothing and embroideries for interior decoration (suzani).

Mavzu doirasida batafsil “O‘zbekiston madaniy merosi jahon to‘plamlarida" turkumidagi “Chexiya Respublikasi to‘plamlari” kitob-albomida (XVI jild) tanishishingiz mumkin. 

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