In Memory of Edward Vasilievich Rtveladze


In Memory of Edward Vasilievich Rtveladze

Today, May 14, marks what would have been the 82nd birthday of academician, Doctor of Historical Sciences, archaeologist, historian, and distinguished specialist in numismatics, culture, and art, Edward Vasilievich Rtveladze.

In Memory of Edward Vasilievich Rtveladze

As an archaeologist, he explored ancient settlements in the southern regions of our country, delved into the colossal layers of history and culture of the Central Asian region, and studied the old and new routes of the Great Silk Road. The results of his archaeological research and the study of ancient written and material monuments formed the basis for over 800 scientific works published both in Uzbekistan and abroad.

From the inception of the international multimedia project "Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan in World Collections" (2016), Edward Vasilievich served as its scientific director, a scholar whose authority contributed to attracting specialists from around the world to the project.

For his scientific contributions, Rtveladze was awarded the State Prize of Uzbekistan named after "Beruni" in 1985, the Order "For Great Services" in 2001, the Order "Shukhrat of Labor" in 2003, and the Order "Honorary Citizen" in 2017.

Last year, during the Cultural Heritage Week of Uzbekistan in Tashkent, a presentation of a book titled "In Memory of Edward Rtveladze" took place. 

"If one attempts to find something unifying in the diversity of Edward Vasilievich's accomplishments, perhaps the essence of his life will be the gift — selfless service to humanity for the common good," emphasize the compilers of the book.

The scholar left behind dozens of books and monographs dedicated to the history of our region, discoveries that have made an immeasurable contribution to the history of Uzbekistan. His persona stands as a shining example of selfless service to science.