Edvard Vasilevich Rtveladze (1942-2022)

It has been two years since the death of Edvard Vasilevich Rtveladze, one of the founders of WOSCU, a scientist who made a great contribution to the study of the history of Uzbekistan.

Edvard Rtveladze explored almost all periods -  from the Neolithic to the late Middle Ages - of the historical past of Central Asia and the Caucasus. During his life, he wrote more than 30 monographs and more than 800 works devoted to the study of the magnificent cultural monuments of Central Asia. They were published both in Uzbekistan and abroad.

In his last years, Rtveladze has been the scientific director of the unique multimedia project “Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan in the World Collections.” The World Society for the Preservation, Study and Popularization of the Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan was created with his close assistance and participation.

Academician, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Edvard Rtveladze participated in more than 100 archaeological expeditions and made a great contribution to the study of the history and culture of the Central Asian region.

The scientist’s rich cultural and scientific heritage left to us will serve as a beacon illuminating the historical path of the future generation.

Edvard Vasilevich Rtveladze (1942-2022)