What was included in the Karakalpak bride's jewelry set?

The most abundantly decorated jewelry was wedding costume playing the role of veil every detail protected the bride.

Starting from the decorations of the saukele headdress, the forehead and temporal parts of which cover the forehead and cheeks of the bride left only facial features open but they were obscured by an arabek, a thin spiral gold ring threaded through the nostril, and temporal earrings connected by a chain with small halkapli pendants syrga. 

Then it was followed by a massive pectoral haikel with oval colored stones and pendants in the form of rhombs and bells; heavy cast bracelets (bilezik) that could be three-row, reminded of military bracers; ring (zhuzik) and etc.

You will find more examples of national Uzbek clothes in the book-album "Traditional Uzbek costume on materials of museum and private collections of Uzbekistan (Part 2)" (volume XLIX) from the series "Cultural legacy of Uzbekistan in the world collections".

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What was included in the Karakalpak bride's jewelry set?