Good wishes to Amir Temur in Oqsaroy

The results of the study of epigraphy on the Oqsaroy columns in Shakhrisabz are surprising.

The architectural epigraphy of the monument is made in various letters, most of which are partially lost. Nevertheless, it is gratifying that the research is bearing fruit. As you can see in the image below, the following text is written in the form of an extremely geometric kufi.

The letters here are rendered in golden and white against a black background. There are no diacritics. The text in the cartouche is repeated twice and placed as two symmetrical halves (taw'am), though they are not mirrored unlike the above mentioned compositions. This short text contains پاينده باد – "may it last long", which can be interpreted as part of the wish both for the palace and its master builder, Amir Temur.

You can learn more about the topic in the book-album "Architectural epigraphy of Uzbekistan. Qashqadaryo, Shahrisabz" of the series "Architectural epigraphy of Uzbekistan".

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