Fabrics associated with traditions...‌‌

Curtains in Uzbekistan rarely adorned walls in a way they did it in the West, and were used for that purpose only on holidays.

Fabrics associated with traditions...‌‌

Most often they covered niches in walls, functioning as the doors of built-in pieces of furniture, or separated a sleeping area in a common room. This, however, was not a full list of embroidered textiles used in the interior of the Uzbek house. Other traditional types of embroidered textiles were used for family celebrations and ceremonies, especially wedding parties, when they decorated the room for the newlyweds. There was a popular belief among people that the power of these textiles protected the newlyweds from the evil eye.

Suzani usually had one or more embroidered motifs, which were purposefully unfinished. This technique showed an intention to continue the work in future and, in a broader sense, meant “that the wedding and circumcision for which the embroideries are made should never end in the house”, “that the daughter should be full of life, that the joy in the house should never end.”

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