The history of Tamerlane in the Prague library

Did you know that today, only three copies of “History of Tamerlane” are extant and kept in the libraries of Prague. Moreover, only one of them contains a full text.

The history of Tamerlane in the Prague library

The National Library acquired “History of Tamerlane” in the late 18th century, after the abolition of the Jesuit Order. It is known that the books from the library of the Cesky Krumlov Jesuits were transported to Prague in the spring of 1777. Other handwritten notes on the copy of the National Library show that prior to the Jesuits it had belonged to a private person who now cannot be identified.

Only a small fraction of biographical data about the Czech translator of “History of Tamerlane” has been preserved. Bartolomej Macer of Letosice was originally from the Czech city of Strakonice. There is no exact information as to the years he was born or died or the educational institutions he studied in.

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